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    Differentiated treatments for sensitive skin (because there is not only one type of sensitive skin)

    HISIRIS has been studied in order to treat sensitive skin in all its different categories and manifestations.

    HISIRIS is divided in three different treatments, each specifically created for a certain category of sensitive skin:

    • Sensitive skin due to constitutional/allergic tendency, with a constitutional tendency to develop irritative and/or allergic manifestations
    •  Sensitive skin due to vascular condition following dilation of surface capillaries, with erythrosis, couperose and rosacea
    • Sensitive skin due to ageing and age-related weakening of cutaneous defences: it shows dryness, sensation of discomfort, intolerance to external agents, fragility, dark spots, loss of elasticity.

    Hisiris treatments

    Pro dermis

    Specific line designed for sensitive skin with a constitutional tendency to develop irritative or allergic reactions. Designed to interrupt the inflammatory “vicious-circle”,  Hisiris Pro Dermis home care products are also  ideal for your daily beauty routine. Every single home care product has important soothing and deep hydrating properties, perfect to calm down the inflammatory process and protect the irritated skin.

    Pro rose

    A specific  group of products designed to reduce  the visibility of blemishes associated with couperose. Couperose is a blotchiness of the skin  characterized by capillaries dilation and red-purple colour mostly localized in the nose and cheek area. Hisiris Pro Rose products represent your best ally in order to counteract couperose  and all capillaries dilations.

    Pro age

    This line includes a wide range of products specifically dedicated to mature and sensitive skin. A daily beauty routine absolutely necessary to prevent, protect and prolong the face vitality, immediately fighting against signs of skin ageing.

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